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Pumps for Godwin

When a River Rises, floatation is Required – From PPS Pumps and Starting Solutions Team – February 2012

A local coal mine prep plant had been having problems with their raw water intake pump when the pump decided to just quit working.  This pumps was supplying water from the river to the prep plant which was located over 16 kilometers away.

PPS was requested to supply a diesel high head pump to handle the required flow, but there was a catch.  The unpredictable River could rise at any time.  This was in a location frequently prone to flooding and the prep plant really needed to make sure they had a continuous flow of water. 

As we have discussed and highlighted in the past, PPS has its own very own fabrication facility.  Allowing us to build just about anything we need for any and all kinds of pumping applications.

We custom make floats and barges for supporting our equipment.

This application require a float to handle about 8 metric tons plus.  The float is 10 feet wide x 18 feet long with a depth of 4 feet.  The barge is foam filled allowing maximum buoyancy.

On this project we utilized floatation buoys for the suction line as well as the discharge piping.  The the transition from the pump to the ground we utilized Cargo Hose connected to HDPE Pipe which was also custom fitted for the application.  This usually makes the site look pretty strange to be mounted on a box on dry land, but soon the purpose is identified.  The buoys are set to pick up the load of the suction line and is supported by float buoys all the way to the suction strainer.

The discharge piping had been connected underground so only a single float was required to help pivot the pipe and still support the cargo hose.

Please contact PPS in the case of where a special application is required.