Bi Fuel Conversion Kit

(ECI) was formed in
1984 for the express purpose of development of natural gas
retrofit conversions for medium and high speed diesel
engines. It supplied the dual fuel conversion technology for
the first full horsepower natural gas locomotives in the US,
Burlington Northern’s BN 7890 and BN 7149. Other
projects include four EMD 645 12-cylinder generator sets
converted to dual fuel on an offshore drilling rig in Trinidad,
three EMD 645 20-cylinder generator sets converted for
Springville Light & Power, in Utah. ECI also applied their
technology to Caterpillar 399, 398 and 379 to run on dual
fuel. Other dual fuel project ECI developed a spark-ignited
system for the EMD 645, and currently in operation by
NAPA Valley Railroad. A gas prechamber is used to sparkignite
a small amount of pilot gas in turn igniting the main
chamber. This system will offer diesel engine users the
conversion option of running completely diesel-free
applications with their existing units.

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