Centurion PLUS Controllers
Centurion PLUS Controllers


The Centurion PLUS Controller is a custom programmable control and monitoring system. Primarily designed for engine driven compressors, the Centurion PLUS is well suited for many control applications such as CNG control, Fire Pump Control, and many industrial control applications. Additionally, Murphy can custom design a control package to meet exact specifications for a variety of other applications.


The Centurion PLUS continuously monitors input signals and set points and commands outputs to maintain proper operation. When an out-of-limits event occurs, the controller will stop, shutdown, or control equipment to change conditions. The Auto-Start capabilities of the Centurion PLUS allows for start/stop based on parameters such as pressure set points or by digital signals. The Centurion PLUS allows for customer valve logic sequencing, purge cycle control, and many other logic applications. The Centurion PLUS can also provide complex calculation abilities such as rod load and temperature deviation.


The Centurion PLUS provides real-time data via communications ports to a connected display and/or supervisory system. This advanced system offers multiple options for remote communications and operation including HMI's, PLC's, PC's, and SCADA systems. The industry standard Modbus® RTU protocol means greater support for a wide variety of communication equipment including radio and satellite communications systems. Other communication options include Modbus TCP/IP, web page hosting, and data logging captured in standard CSV files uploaded through USB port.



  • Custom Programmed to meet exact application requirements
  • Communications via 2 RS485/RS232 ports
  • USB 1.1 support for laptops without a serial port
  • Upload/Download capabilities for set point edits
  • Shutdown and Alarm History, Maintenance Timers
  • Complex valve logic and sequencing support
  • PID Loops with Overrides (Multiple control loop possibilities)
  • Expand I/O up to three (3) expansion modules, any combination
  • Firmware stored in non-volatile flash memory
  • Setpoints stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory
  • Approved Certification for Class 1, Division 2, Groubs B, C, & D areas
  • Expanded calculation abilities:
              -  Rod load equations
              -  Look up table support
              -  Temperature channel deviation
  • Expanded communication abilities:
              -  Modem dial in/dial out using terminal interfaces, Modbus RTU protocols
              -  Remote monitoring and control via Ethernet
              -  Event driven email SMS text messaging possible
              -  Protocol conversation
              -  Web page hosting
  • Data logging:
              -  Using common Compact Flash card memory, 1 GB of storage
              -  trends data as well as capture of readings at time of fault
              -  Security file logs all CSV files
              -  Importable to CSV files
              -  Multi-Language support
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