Detonation Sensing Interface System
Detonation Sensing Interface System

The MPI Detonation Sensing Interface System utilizes a pair of highly sensitive accelerometers to detect detonation. In the event of detonation the DSI signals the MPI Ignition System, via 4/20 ma control signal, which responds by immediately retarding the timing thus eliminating the potentially harmful effects of continuous detonation.



  • Utilizes advanced piezoelectric accelerometer sensors to provide real-time analog signal
  • Signal is proportional in amplitude to the levels of vibration detected
  • Sensors respond over wide range of frequencies up to 10 KHz
  • Retards timing to reduce vibration intensity or eliminate it entirely
  • Sensor range - 0 - 500 g's
  • Detect any source of vibration



  • Easy to use Controller interface
  • Detects detonation tendencies at low levels before they reach greater intensity and cause engine damage
  • Flexible controls, useful information for operators
  • Wide bandwidth allows detection of most mechanical vibration sources including detonation
  • Complete installation kits, wiring guidelines and sensor kits provided


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