Industrial Engine Controls
Industrial Engine Controls




The Change is Already Here

Your company has been or will be facing the challengers associated with the next tier of emission standards. But as the higher standards begin affecting the lower horse-power engines, you will face more and more requirements to switch to electronic engines.


Murphy anticipated this early on, and we began developing product lines that would ease the transition from mechanical to electronic engines as smoothly as possible.


We started with reliable and accurate monitors for electronic engines - the PowerView display and our PVA analog gages designed specifically for the J1939 ECU protocol.


Now we've taken that transition to the next step.


Bridging the Gap

Frankly, switching to electronic engines can be a drain on resources. Will you need new, specialized controllers for the electronic engines? Not with Murphy.


Our latest auto start/stop engine controllers are compatible with both mechanical and electronic engines, which makes the operator interface exactly the same. You not only save upgrade costs, but you also save time on training.


The Simplest Installations

The final key to making a smooth transition to electronic engines is the installation. With Murphy, installation couldn't be easier.


We offer a variety of panel solutions that pre-packages all your instrumentation into a single unit. One purchase. One installation. And you're ready to go. You can purchase a standard panel immediately, or have our dedicated panel division design and build a custom solution.


Our optional wire harnesses make installation as easy two-step process. Simply mount your Murphy equipment, and plug the harness into the engine's dedicated connector. That's it.


We've made the switch to electronic engines so simple and flexible, you no longer have to worry about making the move. We did all the hard work. Then we cleared a path for you to follow.


You don't have to be a J1939 expert. That's our job.






Our line of traditional products allows you to keep your mechanical engine running with confidence. Start your engine, walk away, and let Murphy watch for problems. When a problem appears, we can shut it down before the damage is done.


But we're not just about stopping your engines. We can monitor standard engine operations, report shutdown causes and restart the engine when it's appropriate.


We offer individual instrument to meet you exact needs for monitoring and protection, or you can choose a package of mechanical gage and electric gage panels that places several instruments into a single panel.


Our products are built to meet higher specifications for rugged durability, and to continue our long tradition of reliable protection for your mechanical engines.


No human attendant. No extra manpower. Just walk away. We'll take care of the rest.






Your equipment shouldn't need a babysister. At least not a human one. With Murphy products, you can keep your engine secure and in-control. Automatically, without extra manpower.


Murphy is like a constant companion. When a problem arises, Murphy is there to monitor, diagnose, shutdown and take control.


With Murphy, you don't just instrumentation. You get the security of a constant monitor and protector, plus an optional automatic operator.

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