XM500 Module
XM500 Module


  • Adds I/O to J1939 Network
  • Works with Standard J1939 Display Modules
  • Wide Operating Temperature range
  • Industry standard Deutsch enclosure and connectors
  • Custom programming available
  • Easy-to-use Configuration Tool Available



The XM500 Module is a configurable Input/Output (I/O) module designed to bring analog and digital inputs and output onto the SAE J1939 Controller Area Network. The XM500 Config Tool provides a user-friendly interface allowing the user to create or change the configuration used on the XM500 unit.


Your application may require monitoring of other information which may not be provided by the OEM Engine or Transmission Electronic Control Unit (ECU), such as Fuel Level, Hydraulic Oil Pressure, or a Low Engine Coolant Level switch. The XM500 is ideally suited to bring the additional information you need onto the J1939 CANBus, and can be configured to broadcast fault codes and activate digital outputs per input condition such as Fuel Level Low, Hydraulic Oil Temperature High, etc. Because the XM500 broadcasts information using the J1939 standard protocol, the information can be dis- played using standard J1939 display modules, such as the PowerView PV101.


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