Crankcase Level Switch
Crankcase Level Switch


  • Durable low level switch
  • Replaces non-explosion-proof switch on Ingersoll-Rand compressors
  • Adaptable to other compressors
  • Installs with minimal downtime
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty



The Murphy L971 Series Level Switch detects low oil level in a compressor’s crankcase. As oil level in the crankcase depletes, the float on the L971 switch falls, and if reaches the predetermined limit, will trip the internal snap-switch which in turn will initiate a shutdown and/or alarm.


The L971 is designed for Ingersoll-Rand Type 30, Type 40 and ESH compressors, yet can be adapted to fit other compressors that have an inspection plate extending below normal operating oil level.


The L971 has a 1/2 NPT process connection and features an explosionproof enclosure, durable SPDT snap-switch and rigid polyurethane foam float. A 304 stainless steel float is available on certain configurations (see Specifications).


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