Remote Alarm Annunciators
Remote Alarm Annunciators


  • Provide audible and visual alarm
  • Simple and inexpensive
  • Wide range of applications
  • Gen-Set Models meet NFPA-99 and NFPA-110 requirements



The ST Series Selectronic Tattletale annunciators are a simple and inexpensive answer to your remote alarm annunciator needs. Basic models ST5AS and ST10AS are general purpose alarms suitable for a variety of applications. Model ST8 gives first out annunciation of fault. Model STA16 is designed for generator set applications and can be configured to meet NFPA requirements for standby generators.


These compact Tattletale annunciators tell you by a flashing LED which variable malfunctioned. Many feature a pulsating Mini-Siren to audibly alert you to the malfunction. The audible alarm is silenced by depressing the Alarm Silence push button, but the visual signal remains in operation until the fault is corrected and the contacts are cleared.


A test push button allows you to test all alarm LEDs. Because LEDs are solid state, cold light, electronic devices, they don't burn out as incandescent light bulbs do.


Basic models accept 8-32 VAC or 8-40 VDC input voltage. Others are available for either 12 VDC or 24 VDC input.



When an alarm sensor trips, the LED flashes and, if equipped, the Mini-Siren sounds. At the same time an output circuit in activated which allows you to connect an external relay to operate a general alarm, operate a shutdown device, etc.



  • Marine
  • Generator Sets
  • Oil Field
  • Agriculture
  • Construction


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