Monitor Series Automatic Battery Chargers
Monitor Series Automatic Battery Chargers


  • Heavy duty float charging:
    • Monitor 200: 12V / 16A or 24V / 9A
    • Monitor 360: 12V / 30A or 24V /15A
  • Simple, cost-effective design
  • For vented lead acid or NiCd batteries
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Manual boost and charge fail alarm output options



The Monitor range provides fully automatic, heavy duty charging of vented lead acid or NiCd batteries. The chargers may be used in a wide range of industrial battery applications, including standby engines, pumps and generators.


The charger uses an open-frame construction, designed for surface mounting in an enclosed panel. Each unit consists of a transformer, rectifier and control circuit. The control circuit ensures that charger maintains the battery voltage at the pre-calibrated float level, while supplying any additional load current up to the specified maximum.



'A' option chargers have an operator-controlled ‘boost’ mode can be used to temporarily increase output voltage, equalising charge between cells, and improving battery capacity and service life. Control of normal (float) or boost modes is via three terminals, allowing activation by a remotely connected panel switch or relay contacts. An external time relay is recommended to automatically limit excessive boost charging.



‘A’ option chargers are also fitted with a self diagnostic ‘charge fail’ monitoring circuit and output. The SPDT relay output de-energises in the event of a charging fault, for signalling a remote annunciator or alarm system.



Mounting is via slots in the transformer chassis. Spring clamp terminals provide secure electrical connection to stripped panel wiring. The Monitor is powered from a 110V or 230V AC supply (please specify at order), protected by a circuit board mounted fuse. A self-resetting thermal cut-out protects the DC output from short-circuit or overload conditions. 


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