SM82 Switch Mode Automatic Battery Chargers
SM82 Switch Mode Automatic Battery Chargers


  • High rate duty float charging: 5A @ 12VDC - 3A or 5A @ 24VDC output
  • Fully automatic charge regulation
  • Light compact DIN rail mount design
  • Optional boost mode
  • Optional charge fail relay output 



The SM82 is a highly efficient high performance charger. The very smooth output is configured for accurate fast charging, optimum battery life and reliability. The charger is designed to cater for continuous float charging and standby battery applications. Due to its very smooth output (< 1% ripple) the charger is suitable for sealed or vented batteries. e.g. Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Lead Acid sealed (VRLA), vent- ed and Plante' cells.


Switch mode technology is a major advance in power supply and battery charger design. Giving low heat dissipation compact low weight design and ease of panel installation via din rail. Utilizing the benefits of switch mode, the charger will give a constant current output up to its knee point (13 Volts on a 12 Volt LA) and then ramp down to its float voltage (see graph below). This gives an optimum charge time to ensure that the battery voltage is maintained at the pre-calibrated float level, whilst sup- plying any additional standing load current up to a specified maximum. 



A 'boost' mode of operation provides increased voltage output. Selection of boost mode is via two terminals, allowing activation by a time delay relay or switch. A calibration table overleaf shows details of float and boost voltages.



A self diagnostic 'charge fail' circuit and relay output can be provided. The volt free relay deenergises in the event of a charging fault.


Electrical connection of the AC supply, DC output and charge fail relay are via shrouded screw terminals.

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