• For modern electronic engines and equipment applications using SAE J1939 Controller Area Network
  • Drives standard electric gauges
  • User-configurable compatibility with Murphy, VDO or Datcon gauges
  • Engine fault LED option


As part of the MurphyLink® family, CANdrive offers a cost effective instrument solution for modern electronic engines. CANdrive modules read engine ECU CANbus/J1939 data, drive standard electric panel gauges, and provide LED indication of status and faults.


CANdrive has three dedicated outputs for tachometer, oil pressure and coolant temperature gauges, with DIP switch- selectable compatibility for Murphy, VDO or Datcon gauges. For volume orders, the outputs can be custom-configured for other gauge types, lamps, relays or remote signaling.


CANdrive advantages include:

  • the retrofitting of existing electric gauge panels to new, J1939 compatible engines
  • the use of standard, economical electric gauges with new J1939 engines
  • no need for installation of additional gauge senders, tachometer magnetic pickups and wiring.


CANdrive is packaged in a compact, surface mounted case with epoxy encapsulation for maximum durability and environmental sealing. Electrical connection is via a 12-way automotive type connector. Model CDV100F has a forward facing connector and one power/CAN status LED. Model CDV300R has 8 LEDs for indication of J1939-transmitted engine faults and status. All models include a 6-way DIP switch for flexible configuration.

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