Millennium Controller
Millennium Controller


  • PC-based programmable logic control and monitoring system. Applications include engine-driven compressors, plus other industrial equipment.
  • System is scalable from basics to full featured.
  • User programmable with Windows® -based ladder logic software. Allows the operator to implement logic in industry standard format. All I/O points available as ladder logic variables.
  • IEC-61131-3 standard programming languages
  • Local and remote communications, Modbus RTU via RS485
  • Approved for Cl. 1, Div. 2, Grps C & D Areas



MC Series Millennium Controller is a PC-based monitoring, control and data acquisition system. Designed with engine driven compressors in mind, the MC Series is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. As the heart of the control package, the MC series continuously monitors inputs and set points for correct operation. When an out-of-limit event occurs, the controller provides an alphanumeric readout of critical machinery data or shutdown fault information.


In addition to the shutdown and control functions, the MC series controller provides both local and remote communications of vital equipment and operating data. This advanced system offers multiple options for remote communications. A serial link is provided for programmable logic controllers, PC's and SCADA systems. Radio and satellite communications are accommodated through the MODBUS RTU protocol.


Operations analysis and maintenance is facilitated by the operation hours and data trending system. The shutdown snapshot feature gives operators a complete picture of system conditions at shutdown.


FW Murphy can custom designa control package to meet your exact specifications. Additionally, a variety of money-saving pre-engineered systems are also available.

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