Digital Auto-Start/Stop/Throttling Engine Controller
Digital Auto-Start/Stop/Throttling Engine Controller


  • Compatible with electronic (ECU) and standard (MPU) engines
  • J1939 Ready - works directly with our MurphyLink J1939 PowerView gages
  • Automatic Speed Control - throttles engines speed based on analog inputs
  • Engine Diagnostics - provides most common descriptive faults when connected to electronic engines



The eGUARD is a state-of-the-art controller. It will meet virtually all of your engine-driven equipment application requirements. The eGUARD has been designed from the ground up to control today's electronic engines using J1939 and can easily control the traditional non-electronic engines.


The eGUARD can be configured to automatically or manually operate most types of applications, from a simple start/stop sequence to complex automatic throttling. Pumps, Compressors, Chippers, Grinders and Power Units are just a few of the ideal industrial applications for the e GUARD.


The eGUARD controller can maintain constant pressure, flow or level by automatically increasing or decreasing engine speed.



Here are some of the unique features only Murphy's eGUARD can offer you at our competitive price.


  • Throttling Input: The eGUARD can be configured to control engine speed using most types of analog input devices (0-5v, 1-5v or 4-20 mA).
  • Throttling Output: CANbus J1939* or increment/decrement relay pulse.
    * (when supported by the ECU manufacturer)
  • Compatibility: Accepts Magnetic Pick-Up (MPU) or ECU J1939 speed signals.
  • Field Configurable: Allows password protected configuration changes through the keypad.
  • Field Programmable: Flash-based microprocessor allows for easy upgrades or reconfigurations using a PC or laptop.
  • Sealing: Maintains NEMA44 and IP65 rating when properly mounted in a rated enclosure.
  • J1939 Ready; Works directly with Murphy's J1939-ready PowerView gages, just plug and go, no sender required.
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