Electronic Monitoring System-EMS547
Electronic Monitoring System-EMS547


  • Field adjustable parameters
  • First-Out shutdowns and/or alarms
  • Shutdown history file
  • Service reminders
  • Four communication ports
  • External PC card reader and modem ready
  • Back lit LCD or VFD alphanumeric display



The EMS547 Electronic Monitoring System / Controller is microprocessor based for monitoring and control of equipment functions. It is especially suited to tasks requiring remote modem or SCADA communications. Four built-in communication ports provide a variety of communications capabilities. Basic programs provide selectable auto or manual start/stop and first-out shutdown for engine functions such as pressure.


The EMS547 can be applied as an RTU to interface between SCADA applications and other control platforms. It can also be used, in conjunction with a Hayes compatible modem (9600 Baud), for remote communications.


An external PC card reader can be used with the EMS547 to log data from flow meters, pressure transmitters, electric gage senders, and other sensing devices. This is a popular application in the flood control market.


Operating data is displayed on a 32 character back lit alphanumeric liquid crystal display. An on-board realtime clock keeps a log of equipment running hours and alerts you when to change oil, filters and perform other routine service.


The EMS547 operating parameters are configured through a simple three-button interface. Access to the system memory is controlled by entry codes.


A password-protected program uses built-in memory to display the alarms/shutdown history, including a display of the last ten shutdowns, when and why they occurred, and displays all of the engine operating conditions at time of last shutdown.



  • Industrial engines
  • Electric motors
  • Generators
  • Construction equipment
  • Remote cellular sites
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