Fault Annunciator
Fault Annunciator


  • Fully-configurable fault annunciator
  • Alarm and shutdown control system for engine-driven pumps and compressors
  • Monitors 48, user-configurable, sensor inputs from N.O. and/or N.C. sensors
  • User selectable templates provide ease of retrofit by selecting configuration of existing annunciators via display keypad or download from computer with windows based MConfig® installed.
  • Intuitive display icons to display status and assist in setup and operation result in greater ease of operation and interface
  • Serial communications port with selectable baud rates up to 38,400
  • Universal power supplies powered by 12/24 VDC or CD ignition (neg. ground).
  • CSA Class 1, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups B, C, and D
  • Optional tachometer function with overspeed and under speed protection using CD Ignition or magnetic pickup input.
  • Optional prelube and postlube functionality
  • Optional lubricator No-Flow detection for up to 4 proximity switches
  • One display head is common to all configurations allowing fewer spare parts required to be maintained in the field
  • Internal monitoring of DC Supply, CD ignition, and internal battery voltage



The TTD product is a solid-state fault annunciator and shutdown control system designed to protect engines, compressors and their associated equipment. The TTD model will accept 48 sensor inputs from normally open and/or normally closed sensors. "Shutdown" or "Alarm Only". Any input can be locked out by one of the two Start-Run timers, or configured as Class C ESD or Ignore. The annunciator provides for both closing of a fuel valve and grounding of an ignition after a time delay.


Incorporated in the TTD non-volatile memory:

  • Run Hours/Elapsed Timer Meter
  • Last 10 shutdowns with associated run hours
  • Last 4 Alarms with associated run hours
  • Selectable RS232/RS485 serial communications
  • Selectable baud rates
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