Automatic Engine & Generator Controller
Automatic Engine & Generator Controller


  • Keyswitch selectable auto or manual start/stop
  • Automatic fault shutdown protection
  • LED fault/status indicators
  • Fully configurable inputs, timers and control options
  • Front-of-panel mounted case, 96 x 96 mm DIN



A proven industry standard, the Autostart 700 control module provides fully automatic start up, load transfer, fault monitoring and shutdown of a stand-by diesel generator, pump or stationary engine.



The 4 position, front panel keyswitch is used to select Autostart's operating mode. Green and red LEDs around the switch indicate the selection of Auto or Test (manual) modes. The key is common to all units and is removable in the Off and Auto positions only.




Removes all power from the unit and resets all alarms.




Lights all LEDs and activities a lamp test output. Operation is otherwise as for Auto mode.




When the Autostart and generator are required to be on standby, positive DC must be applied to the mains failure terminal.


When a mains failure occurs, power is removed from pin 23 and Autostart waits for a user adjustable 'start delay'. If mains is restored in this period, the timer resets and the system returns to standby.


If the mains supply remains failed, Autostart initiates an automatic start sequence, consisting of up to 9 engine crank/rest attempts, with each crank/rest 'pulse' period adjustable to give a maximum of 0.5 to 30 seconds.


If a successful engine start is detected, Autostart disengages and latches out the starter motor. If Autostart does not detect that the engine is running after the set number of start attempts, a 'start fail' fault is indicated. Once the engine is fully running - with speed above 90%, AC voltage above 66%, and oil pressure good - Autostart attempts to load the generator by activating it's Load Relay.


A mains return is signaled by re-applying battery to pin 23. The generator continues to run on load until the end of the user adjustable 'change-back' delay. Autostart then takes the generator off load, but allows it to run on for an adjustable 'cool' time before stopping the engine and returning the system to standby.

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