Digital Generator Panels
Digital Generator Panels

MGC447 and MGC547 SERIES

  • Microprocessor-based controller
  • Digital engine and generator display
  • Pre-programmed, full featured
  • Built-in advanced communications
  • Compact design, NEMA 1 Drip Proof



The MGC447 and MGC547 generator panels provide inexpensive engine and generator monitoring and control with digital accuracy. These microprocessor-based controllers include all basic industry requirements plus many value added features such as: remote communications and control capabilities; on-board real time clock; shutdown history display of last 5 shutdowns; service reminders.


Operating parameters are configured through a three-button interface. Data is displayed on a 32-character, back lit alphanumeric liquid crystal display. Access to the system memory is controlled by entry codes, and the program is stored in EPROM.


These panels accept a variety of sensor inputs such as from Muphy electric gage type resistive sending units and digital inputs such as from SWICHGAGES® instruments.


The MGC447 and MGC547 feature open collector transistor type and relay type outputs. These compact panels measure only 13-1/4 x 8-1/2 x 12-1/2 inches, and are shock mounted and rated NEMA 1 drip-proof.


The MGC547 Series models incorporate built-in serial ports for advanced communication capabilities. They can communicate with remote terminals, such as a computer via modem or can automatically dial your pager to inform you of the status of the generator.


The user is able to start or stop the engine, view operating parameters and reset or acknowledge abnormal conditions from a computer.



  • Pre-programmed generator panels for typical gen-set operations: warm-up, transfer to load, run time, engine unload, cool down.
  • For 3-phase, 4-wire or 1-phase, 3-wire generators.
  • Digital readout of all engine and generator functions: pressure, temperature, rpm, amps and volts. Monitored with first-out shutdown annunciation.
  • Built-in communication for remote start/stop and monitoring engine and generator functions (MGC547 models)
  • Optically-isolated noise resistant inputs.
  • Open collector transistor outputs.
  • Crank and Reset cycle timers, 1 to 300 seconds each.
  • Shutdown time delay, 2 to 200 second, locks out low oil pressure and high temperature on start-up.
  • Crank disconnect and overspeed sensing operates from a magnetic pickup signal or alternator tachometer terminal.





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