Shutdown Panels for Mobile Equipment
Shutdown Panels for Mobile Equipment


  • Get the same original equipment specified by major OEM's
  • Swichgage Instruments include built-in light pipe illumination
  • Prewired and ready to install
  • Alarm only model saves money on applications not requiring shutdown
  • Available for 12 or 24 volts



WAI Series Murphy panels offer engine protection for on and off road mobile equipment.


You get accurate engine readings and time-delayed automatic shutdowns. Flashing light and mini-siren signal a warning before the shutdown. Alarm-only panels (without shutdown capabilities) are also available.


WAI panels are easy to install and function test without the need for expensive auxiliary equipment. Each is a cost competitive and effective system for engine protection.


The WAI Series panels are complete diagnostic, engine-protection systems. Any vehicle or engine can be monitored and in case of potentially damaging conditions an alarm will operate before the engine is shutdown. WAI panels features direct-reading, mechanical Swichgage instruments (gauge and limit switch in one) and Selectronic relays and alarms. Swichgage instruments are internally lighted for night illumination.



Trucks, buses, fork lifts, loaders, earth-movers - any engine powered mobile unit, such as delivery vans, farm and construction equipment, street sweepers.


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