Display and Diagnostic Module with MODBUS RTU
Display and Diagnostic Module with MODBUS RTU


  • Specifically Designed For SAE J1939 Controller Area Network (CAN) Equipment Applications
  • Displays Over 30 Standard SAE J1939 Parameters Broadcast by Major Engine and Transmission Manufacturers’ ECM’s
  • Displays Active Faults and ECM Stored Fault Codes For Diagnosing Equipment Malfunctions
  • Converts Critical SAE J1939 CAN Data Into Standard MODBUS®† RTU Information



The Murphy Display and Diagnostic Module or MDDM is the keystone in a line of components manufactured by FW Murphy as part of its J1939 MurphyLink System. The J1939 MurphyLink System has been developed to meet the needs for instrumentation and control on electronically controlled engines communicating using the SAE J1939 Controller Area Network (CAN). The MDDM-MOD is an additional model of the MDDM series. The MDDM-MOD can translate SAE J1939 to MODBUS® RTU registers for remote monitoring via satellite, land lines and cell phones or other controller and computer systems. This powerful unit is an easy to use multifunction tool that enables the operator to view many different engine parameters and engine service codes.


The MDDM-MOD includes a two-line by eight character backlit LCD display. The top line displays data labels (e.g. OilPress). The bottom line displays appropriate units (e.g. 80 psi for oil pressure).


The UP and DOWN push buttons located on the front of the MDDM-MOD, are used for scrolling through the parameters and viewing the menu list. Two LEDs (amber & red) are used to annunciate active fault messages received by the MDDM-MOD. MODBUS® devices can be connected to the MDDM-MOD by an RS485 twisted pair cable up to 1,000 meters. The MDDM-MOD can be pow- ered by 12 or 24* volt systems, is back lit using LEDs, and is environmentally sealed.



The Murphy Display and Diagnostic Module is a low-cost solution for your instrumentation needs on stationary or mobile equipment applications.

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