Electric Gauges, Swichgages and Senders
Electric Gauges, Swichgages and Senders


  • Analogue scale indication for pressure, temperature, fuel level, volts and amps
  • Swichgage® models include an alarm/shutdown output with adjustable set point
  • Rugged, environmentally sealed design to SAE J1810
  • Suited to marine and off-highway equipment applications


The Murphy EG21 and EGS21 take the electric gauge to new heights, with leading-edge technology and proven reliability. With our proven HG Air Core Movement design, the EG(S)21 series offers superior operation, reading accuracy, back-lighting and installation. The EG(S)21 gives you the assurance of highest reliability and service.


These rugged, environmentally sealed gauges exceed the rigid SAE J1810 standard for reliable operation in rough off-road and power environments. Corrosion resistant materials are used throughout, making the gauges highly suited for marine and other environmentally sensitive applications. Soft, non-glare dial and pointer illumination is provided by “cold light” LED: when powered, the white scale lettering and clear pointer become soft red. Standard models feature a non-glare, low profile black bezel.


The EGS21 Swichgage® has all the features of the EG21 gauge, plus an adjustable setpoint PowerHall® switch output for operating alarms or equipment shutdown. The trip point is adjustable over 90% of the scale and has a set point indicator visible on the gauge face.


EG(S)21 gauges and Swichgages are driven by equipment-mounted ES series resistive senders for pressure, temperature and fuel level measurement, available in 1-wire (ground return) and 2-wire (insulated return) variants.


PowerHall® is a registered trademark of Allegro MicroSystems Inc.


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