4Function Tattletale Annunciator
4Function Tattletale Annunciator


  • Designed for Use with Electric Swichgage instruments or Normally Open, Close to Negative Contacts
  • LED Annunciation for Low Oil Pressure, High Water Temperature, Loss of Battery Voltage, and Low Fuel Level or Glow Plug.
  • Output may be used for Tripping an Electromagnetic Control Switch for Engine Shutdown
  • Developed with the Same Leading Edge Technology as Our EGS Series Electric Swichgage



Murphy’s EN204 Tattletale Annunciator works with other engine components to clearly indicate critical engine operating conditions. The four bright LEDs on the face of the Annunciator indicate the cause of an alarm or shutdown condition.


Two EN204 models are available. Each shows the standard critical engine operating parameters oil pressure, coolant temperature, and battery voltage. Model EN204-S-12 also includes an indicator for low fuel level. Model EN204-SG-12 substitutes the fuel level indicator with a glow plug indicator for those engines that use a glow plug for easier starting.


The EN204 Annunciators are used in conjunction with Murphy Electric Swichgage instrument or other normally open switches that close to ground when a fault condition occurs. As an example, in a system with a Murphy EGS21P-100 Oil Pressure Swichgage instrument, the Swichgage closes to ground when the oil pressure drops below a pre-determined set point. This will energize the Oil Pressure LED on the EN204 to highlight a low oil pressure failure.


A very important feature of the EN204 is the ability to interface with Murphy 518PH or the 760A Electromagnetic Switches to perform automatic engine shutdown when fault conditions occur. The EN204 can also be used with other Murphy visual and audible alarms (STAS series remote alarm, SAH audible alarm, and the TL7 visual alarm) for remote annunciation and equipment shutdown.

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