Ignition Control Systems
Ignition Control Systems


MPI Ignition System Controllers utilize the latest microprocessor- based designs to provide improved programming and diagnostics for today's industrial gas engines. Operators of MPI controllers have more information to be used locally or remotely, giving them "full authority" to fine tune their operations for enhanced efficiency.


Certified for hazardous locations Class 1, Division 2



  • True Primary and Secondary Diagnostics
  • Five Timing Reference Optionsincluding Camless Operation
  • Two field-adjustable timing schedules
  • Highly accurate and stable timing (± 0.25°)
  • 16-bit and 32-bit microprocessor controllers
  • Field-programmable from front panels
  • Run-time diagnostics and prognostics
  • 4-line window display (local or remote)
  • Remote PLC engine management system or cellular communication
  • Two analog inputs for remote timing control


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