Float Actuated Oil Level
Float Actuated Oil Level


  • See oil level and condition without shutting down
  • Shutdown or alarm on low lube level
  • Adjustable limit switch for alarm and/or shutdown
  • Save on reduced downtime and repair costs
  • Simple installation 



These Float Actuated Oil Level Swichgage Instruments are a combination oil level sight gage and adjustable, low and/or high limit switch. The limit switches are normally open during operation – yet close if the level drops (or rises) to where the float contacts the limit screw. The contact completes a circuit to ground a magneto or trip a Murphy magnetic switch. The magnetic switch can be used to activate alarms and/or shutdown. Models are also available without limit switches.





The level instruments described above can be used on a variety of crankcases, pump gearcases, or oil reservoirs–primarily on small engines and pumps. The following list displays the model and its typical application:


L100†: Small engines and pumps with non-vented crankcase.


L100W†: Small engines and pumps with vented crankcase.


L120: Machined surface on crankcase such as Witte, National-Oilwell/Garland.


L127: Machined surface on crankcase, specifically, Fairbanks-Morse ZC Series and Bell Engines.


L128: Machined surface on crankcase, specifically, Arrow and Continental Emsco/Climax.


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