Level Swichgage Instrument
Level Swichgage Instrument

L150 / EL150K1 SERIES

  • Monitors level of coolant, lube oil, diesel fuel and hydraulic fluid
  • Indicating gauge
  • Low limit switch
  • Float operated
  • Explosion-Proof model is available



The L150 Series Level Swichgage instrument is a combination liquid level gauge and low limit switch; each unit includes (1) a chamber with pivotal float, (2) an indicating dial with pointer, and (3) a low level contact. When properly installed and maintained, the float operates the pointer which, in turn, both indicates level dur- ing normal operation, and closes a switching cir- cuit if the level falls to the low-limit set point.



The primary use of the L150/EL150K1 is for engine cooling systems, surge or expansion tanks, condenser radiator or vapor phase systems, pressurized or atmospheric systems. The Level Swichgage instrument can also be used to monitor lube oil, hydraulic fluid or diesel fuel reservoirs and activates alarms and/or shut-down at a predetermined minimum level.


These instruments are built for low pressure systems with a maximum of 25 psi (172 kPa) [1.72 bar].


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