Maintain Lube Level
Maintain Lube Level


  • Eliminates Under/OverFill Due to “Human Error”
  • Simple Installation
  • Automatically Maintains Lube Level
  • Low Level Switch
  • Models to Fit Varied Applications
  • Positive Sealing Thumb-ValveTM



Murphy LR857 Lube Level Regulator maintains the crankcase oil level of an engine, pump or compressor. Adjusted to the correct running-oil-level, the LR857 will replenish oil as it is used. An integral, low-level switch will alarm and/or shutdown the equipment if supply oil is lost and the equipment continues to use oil.



The LR857 maintains oil level on any size engine, but is recommended for small to medium volume applications and installations that require a 3-wire, snap-action switch.


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