PowerView Display PV450
PowerView Display PV450


  • Compact CAN-based display to fit your application with freely configurable design
  • Customize the bezel, buttons, I/O interface and more
  • Easy-to-use PowerVision Configuration Studio
  • Bonded LCD screen viewable in direct sunlight
  • Rugged / Reliable Design
  • Endless possibilities


The PowerView 450 display features a freely configurable design. Any of the major components can be custom engineered to meet your exact needs. It’s an incredible amount of customization with mini- mal non-recurring engineering costs.


You can change the shape of the bezel and buttons. You can rework the I/O board to add extra inputs. You can add custom graphics and company branding to the interface.


The PowerView 450 display is compatible with PowerVisionTM Configuration Studio, so you can con- tinue to make quick and easy changes to the display.


The PV450 display is also highly durable. See the full specs on the back of this sheet for a full over- view of its technical features.

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