PowerView Display PV750
PowerView Display PV750


  • CAN-based display with fully modular design
  • Customize the bezel, buttons, I/O interface and more
  • Configuration software for OEMs available
  • Bonded LCD screen viewable in direct sunlight
  • Rugged / Reliable Design
  • Endless possibilities


The PowerView 750 display features a fully modular design. Any of the major components can be redesigned and assembled to meet your exact needs. It’s an incredible amount of customization with minimal non-recurring engineering costs.


You can change the shape of the bezel and buttons. You can rework the I/O board to add extra input. You can add custom graphics and company branding to the interface.


The PowerView 750 display also has configuration software for OEMs available, so you can continue to make quick and easy changes to the onscreen display.


The PV750 display is also highly durable. See the full specs on the back of this sheet for a full overview of its technical features.

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