Lead Line Pressure Gauges
Lead Line Pressure Gauges


  • Designed to monitor line pressures of highly viscous and mildly corrosive fluids
  • Combination indicating gage and critical pressure switch
  • High and low pressure limit contacts are visible and adjustable
  • Explosion-proof enclosure



The Murphy PT167EX is a pressure Swichgage instrument connected to a threaded pressure diaphragm housing. The Swichgage instrument is enclosed in an explosion-proof case and is CSA rated for Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D.*


A Swichgage instrument is a pressure indicating gage with adjustable low and high pressure limit switches. When the gage pointer touches the low or high limit switches, an electrical circuit is completed which can operate alarms and/or shut down equipment.


The 2 NPT, sealed-diaphragm housing is attached directly to the Swichgage connection. The diaphragm housing is filled with a silicone fluid so that pressure against the diaphragm causes the Swichgage instrument to respond. The housing seals the Swichgage sensing element from the medium being measured.





Applications include highly viscous liquids such as crude oil on lead line applications. Other applications have included asphalt, sludge, abrasive materials, etc.




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