Direct-Mount Temperature Gauges
Direct-Mount Temperature Gauges


Easy to Read Dial

  • Bi-Metallic sensor
  • Two ranges: 100 to 500°F (40 to 260°C) 200 to 1000°F (100 to 500°C)
  • Dials scaled in degrees fahrenheit/celsius
  • CSA listed explosion-proof model available



The SDB Series are direct-mounting temperature SWICHGAGE® devices. They provide an accurate direct-reading gauge with an adjustable limit switch to activate alarms and/or shutdown. A knob on front of the SWICHGAGE® allows you to adjust the limit switch trip point. Pointer movement is actuated by a bi-metallic sensing element.


Models SDB500, SDB501 and SDB500EX have a temperature range of 100 to 500°F (40 to 260°C). SDB500EX enclosure is explosion-proof and CSA listed for Class I, Group C and D hazardous locations.


The SDB1000 has a temperature range of 200 to 1000°F (100 to 500°C).





SDB500, SDB501 and SDB1000: When the indicating pointer on the SDB touches the adjustable contact, a one-wire-to-ground circuit is completed to shut down the equipment and/or actuate audible or visual alarms. Proper relays or TATTLETALE® annunciators (magnetic switches) must be incorporated into the system.




SDB500EX: When the temperature rises to the preset trip point, the pointer engages an internal SPDT snap-switch to close/open circuits.





The most common use of the SDB Series is to monitor gas compressor temperatures. Engine exhaust temperature can also be monitored to indicate over-loading or lean fuel mixtures; or use the SDB to help coordinate loads on twin-engine installations.




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