Electronic Vibration Switch
Electronic Vibration Switch


  • Piezoelectric-crystal internal sensor with built-in microelectronics for reduced noise sensitivity
  • Electronically integrated output signal that mea- sures and trips on velocity
  • Adjustable calibrated set-point controls
  • Shutdown set-point measured in velocity
  • 4-20 mA output for continuous monitoring capability
  • Solid-state outputs for setpoint trip
  • Adjustable time delay to prevent false tripping on high-vibration start-ups or non-repetitive transient events
  • Self-test and calibration


The Electronic Vibration Switch (EVS) protects against equipment failure by monitoring velocity-based vibration levels and providing an early warning or shutdown when abnormal vibration is detected.


The EVS product can be connected to Murphy’s TTDTM annunciator, CenturionTM or MillenniumTM controllers for increased functionality. It also complements Murphy’s VS2TM switch, which is designed to detect an abnormal shock or excessive vibration due to equipment failure and to shutdown other equipment in a system to prevent further damage.

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