Wireless Monitoring System
Wireless Monitoring System


  • Fully-configurable monitoring system.
  • Gateway supports 30 remotes
  • Applications include new packages, re-furbished packages, retrofits, etc.
  • User configurable with Windows®-based software
  • No programming experience required.
  • Upload/Download capabilities for configurations and set points
  • Eliminates switch wiring back to control panel
  • Eliminates thermocouple wiring back to control panel
  • Eliminates the costly conduit runs back to control panel
  • Configurations stored in a non-volatile FRAM memory. (Gateway)
  • Setpoints stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory. (Remotes)
  • Approved CSA Certification for Class 1, Division2, Groups B,C,&D areas
  • Approved FCC and Industry Canada Certifications for 900 MHz ISM band (10mW)
  • Approved for use in United States and Canada



The M2 Wireless Monitoring System is a simple and unique system. The M2 Wireless system is well suited for many control applications. Configured via Modbus RS485 network, users can utilize Murphy’s MConfig software, 3rd party Modbus software, and/or configured using programmable logic controllers. When used in a control system designed by Murphy, the Gateway, remotes and controller are defined and functioning to meet exact specifications for a variety of applications.


The Gateway (HUB) of the system continuously monitors input signals from remotes via an RF network. Digital Remotes are monitored via a switch to determine fault. Set points for Thermocouple Remotes are monitored in the remote. When an out-of-limits event occurs, the remotes will provide signals back to the Gateway. The system controller will read this data from the Gateway, the controller will then stop, shutdown or control equipment to change conditions.


The M2 Wireless system provides NEAR realtime data via a communication port to a connected control system. This advanced system offers multiple options for remote placement of en-devices deemed too costly to run conduit or prohibited by laws. (Example: crossing under a roadway with conduit). The industry standard Modbus® RTU protocol means greater support for a wide variety of communication equipment including radio and satellite communications systems.

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