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Baldwin Filters

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No matter how efficient the media, lube filters must stand up to tough operating conditions. Baldwin recognizes this and has applied several spin-on lube design innovations to make sure each Baldwin filter meets the demands placed on it.
Clean air is essential to engine survival and performance. Baldwin air filters are constructed using the PermaPleat
®  embossing method that insures pleats will not bunch and hot melt glue beading to lock pleat tips and prevent movement.
Fuel systems are at great risk for contamination from the very beginning. Baldwin filters are designed to fight fuel contaminants, including water.
With a Baldwin fuel filter installed you can rest assured that your fuel system is protected.
Diesel engines depend on their cooling system for protection from damaging temperature extremes. Baldwin has a complete line of filters and cooling system products to keep your cooling system in peak condition.
As the sophistication of hydraulic systems has increased, so has the importance of system fluid filtration. Baldwin hydraulic filters are designed to maintain system cleanliness and to insure equipment reliability and efficiency.

A tradition of quality
Baldwin has been a leader in mobile filtration for over seventy-five years. The company was founded in 1936 and today provides over 6,000 individual filter products. A global manufacturer and distributor with facilities located on five continents, Baldwin maintains ISO/TS 16949 certification and holds patents worldwide for filter designs.
A history of innovation
Baldwin Filters has a rich tradition of product and design innovation. Using the latest technology, including 3-D CAD modeling and stereo lithographic prototyping, Baldwin engineers continue to identify innovative solutions to filtration needs, including:

•    All-Metal Fuel/Water Separators

•    Controlled Released Coolant Filters

•    Urethane Radial Seal Air Filters

Broad coverage
Over the years, Baldwin Filters has expanded and refined its line of quality filters to meet the demands of today’s global market.  Baldwin Filters offers heavy-duty protection under tough operating conditions for over-the-road commercial vehicles, off-road construction, mining and logging equipment, as well as industrial, marine and agricultural applications.
This heavy-duty philosophy has also been applied to the production of filters for passenger cars, light-duty trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles around the world.
Baldwin covers worldwide heavy-duty and automotive applications and maintains cross-references to competitors part numbers.
Commitment to quality
Baldwin Filters’ commitment to coverage and quality mean that Baldwin filters will perform as expected and provide the protection required.
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