Hilco Filters
Hilco Filters

Hilco – a trusted name in the industry

Ask anyone.  HILCO has earned its reputation as an industry leader and a manufacturer of quality, “Made in the USA” Products.
The right product the application
We listen to our customers’ needs and deliver quality engineered HILCO systems to meet the requirements, even if it is not something “off the shelf.”
Dependable and service oriented
With established filter companies changing ownership and new ones emerging, dependability has become an issue.  HILCO is one of the oldest filter equipment companies in the world with over 85-year experience in critical filtration and separation application.  We stand behind our products and will offer timely technical assistance. 
One stop shop for critical filtration needs
We buy filter cartridges, housing, and transfer valves from three different sources when all these products can be supplied by one Quality Company?  Because we manufacture these products, we have an advantage in meeting your specific space requirements.  For example, transfer valves can be welded in different configurations on the filters and/or smaller high flow cartridges can be utilized to reduce valuable floor space and cost.  Ask about our custom capabilities. 
Please contact your local sales representative at customerservice@ppsthailand.com.

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