JCB LightingTower LTB9
JCB LightingTower LTB9

The JCB LTB9 Lighting Tower: premium static site lighting

The JCB LTB9 remote powered static lighting towers offers additional area lighting to sites that already have site generator capacity or mains power.

Key facts

• 400v 3 phase electrical input, internally distributed to ensure a balanced load
• Remote starting option makes centralised control of a number of towers very straightforward
• The unit can be integrated onto existing structures to give a very compact retractable light source
• 4 x 1000W metal halide bulbs (360,000 lumens)
• Hydraulic vertical retracting 9m mast can be rotated through 360˚
• Fork pockets on both sides and single point lift for easy transport
• 4 x stabilisers for excellent site stability
• Stable, safe and easily portable lighting tower
• Large opening doors, for excellent service access
• Two electrical auxiliaries to power additional site equipment

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