• 1⁄4′′ diameter 316 stainless steel tubing sheath
  • Type K, 6" and 10" probes
  • Can be used with 2", 4.5" and 7.5" insertion thermowells
  • Can be bent anywhere along its length to a 90° angle
  • Tip sensitive to minimize temperature influence from surrounding environment


Due to the increase in controller and telemetry applications, this thermocouple product line has been added to the line up of Murphy temperature monitoring end devices. They are designed to fit as many applications as possible with the fewest possible parts and the fewest possible installation caused faults.


Most of the thermocouple failures occur in how the thermocouples extension wire is installed and connected. This new line incorporates Type K, 20 AWG stranded extension wire encased in a rugged cable to meet demanding environments The extension wire lengths are available in 5′, 15′, 30′, 50′, and 100′ lengths. This will enable a run from the point of measurement to the nearest conduit entry or to be installed in a cable tray. The industry standard yellow Teflon allows easy identification of K type thermocouple wires so they can be sep- arated from high voltage wires following good installation practices.


Thermowells are available in 2′′, 4-1/2′′, or 7-1/2′′ lengths for insertion depth and have a 1⁄2′′ NPT process connection. They are supplied with a standard stainless steel compression fitting for securing the thermocouple in the thermowell at the appropriate depth. In low pressure applications the thermocouple can be inserted directly into the process through a standard 1⁄4′′ SS tubing compression fitting.

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