TDI TurboStart Air Starters for Gas Turbine Engines
TDI TurboStart Air Starters for Gas Turbine Engines


Clearly, the highest quality, most reliable turbine starters have their roots in the aerospace industry. TurboStart Air Starters from Tech Development Inc. are no exception. As a leader in cutting edge aerospace turbine engine simulation and research, tech Development applies its turbine expertise to the design of gas turbine engine starters.


TDI engineers have always known that component requirements for stationary industrial power, turbines are different than stringent FAA specifications applied to flight engine components. So instead of designing its starters to flight engine component specifications TDI created a whole new breed of industrial turbine engine starters.


Packed with features and performance, TDI Gas Turbine Starters provide a more cost-conscious industrial grade starter tailored to stationary turbine engine requirements. All TurboStart 50 Series and TurboTwin T100 Gas Turbine Starter Models provide aerospace efficiency and durability, without the high costs of FAA compliance and testing.


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