IPU Nitrogen Starting Systems
IPU Nitrogen Starting Systems

IPU Nitrogen starting modules are designed for starting diesel engines in conjunction with a pneumatic starter motor.


As nitrogen is an inert gas, it provides the ideal solution for emergency back up to the primary starting system on applications such as fire pumps or generator sets in offshore and hazardous area, where secondary starting is essential.


IPU Nitrogen starting systems utilise standard high-pressure rental nitrogen cylinders to store the energy used for starting. The benefit of using nitrogen cylinders is that when empty they can be exchanged for full cylinders. As these cylinders can store nitrogen at up to 350 bar, a large cranking duration can be achieved from each nitrogen cylinder, which can then simply be replaced.


Nitrogen staring systems use the stored pressure in the nitrogen cylinders to turn a pneumatic starter motor, which typically operates at 7 bar using a high-pressure full flow pressure reduction valve.


If you are looking for technical information, please download our brochure which provides:

  • How nitrogen starting works
  • Typical nitrogen starting applications
  • Product performance curves
  • Product selection reference guide
  • Product installation
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