TDI TurboTwin Air Starters for All Applications
TDI TurboTwin Air Starters for All Applications


  • TDI TurboTwin Motor resists damage by air/gas contamination.
  • Never needs lubrication of the supply air/gas, eliminating the oily, messy exhaust from vane-type starters
  • Aerodynamic Speed Control... prevents starter over-speed or gear box burn-out even on extended crank cycles
  • Fugitive starter exhaust emissions are eliminated
  • No plastic parts... Robust steel and aluminium alloy construction throughout
  • Up to 25% more power than other turbine starters
  • Grease-packed gears and bearings on TurboTwin models eliminate maintenance
  • Standard or low-pressure models provide unmatched efficiency and low air consumption



Aerodynamic speed control that prevents starter burn-out and an open-air path design that resists contaminants are just two of the features that make T100-B the most reliable  starter for engines up to 300 liters.


This version of the T100 delivers the industry's most reliability starting with the flexibility of a pre-engaged pinion gear. Now TurboTwin reliability is available for even more engines-including applications using multiple starters.


This lightweight compact turbine air starter delivers 25% more stall torque than other starters in its class. At just 29 lbs., low pressure starting is now an option for engines up to 20 liters.


Designed specifically for starting gas turbine engines, these starters deliver excellent reliability in the most challenging environments and for thousands less than aeroderivative models.


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