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Emergency Standby Gen

  • Sale, Rental & Services Diesel Generators and ATEX Zone 2 Diesel Genertor
  • Customized packaging and installation for ATEX Zone 2 approved engines and equipment with declaration of conformance (DOC)
  • Backup Systems Uninterrupted Power Generator (UPS)
  • PM, Yearly Maint Contract, Repair

Pump & Tailings or Wastewater

  • Sale Rental & Sevices Dewatering Pump, Self Primming Pump, Slurry Pump and Pump for Dredging
  • Pump for wastewater system
  • Pond Recovery

RO Watermaker

  • Sale Design & Installation RO Watermaker system
  • PM, Yearly Maint Contract, Repair
  • Equipment & Spare parts
  • Custome made packaged
  • UV system


  • Sales, Assembly & Repair Diesel Engines
  • Engine driven equipment and Gen set
  • Control Panel, Guages, Switches, Sensor, Spark Plugs

Services & Equipment

  • Design, Installation, Repair and with Turn Key Project assembling Pumps, Engines, Generators according to customer requirements
  • Overhaul : Pumps, Onshore - Offshore Engine, Generators and Compressor
  • Packaging : ATEX Air Compressor, ATEX Generator, Generator Zone 2 and ATEX Components
  • Spare parts and Control equipment



Lighting Tower



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