Altronic Control Panels

Altronic is uniquely positioned to deliver control panel solutions for both packager (OEM) and end-user customers using its own proprietary controls, PLC-based products or a combination of the two. Customers for control panels benefit from Altronic's in-house panel engineering design expertise as well as its global distribution and service network to meet any application requirement. The manufacturing plant is located next door to Altronic's main facility in Girard, Ohio allowing for easy interface with Altronic sales, service and product engineering personnel.

Altronic panels are typically based on the Altronic line of digital annunciators and advanced controllers. These include the basic two-digit DD annunciator and the more advanced DE-3000 and DE-4000 controllers. These products - combined with other appropriate Altronic instruments and controls - monitor, protect and control natural gas engines and compressors and other vital industrial equipment. Altronic can also offer conventional PLC-based panels combined with its own line of PLC+ controls which offer unique interfaces to the main PLC for speed measurement, governing, and vibration and detonation sensing.



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