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Altronic pioneered and patented the digital annunciator safety shutdown system in 1977 marking the beginning of an ever-expanding line of high-quality digital instruments and controls. Building off the initial annunciator product, Altronic has offered increasingly advanced and sophisticated controllers to monitor, protect and control natural gas engines and compressors running 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Today’s most advanced controllers have the capability of PLC systems with the ease of programming and operation that has been the hallmark of Altronic control products since their inception.

Over many years, the instrument line has also branched out into devices for measuring speed, running hours, temperature, pressure, vibration, engine detonation and emissions and into control areas such as engine air-fuel ratio, ignition timing, speed governing and starting enhancement. These are available in a variety of packages and capabilities to suit every application need. All offer the highest level of quality for demanding, critical service applications as well as suitability for use in environmentally harsh or hazardous areas.


Digital Instruments Design Principles

  • Low power source consumption and power source flexibility: 
         Many Altronic digital instruments are designed to operate on very small amounts of power, often supplied by the engine ignition system. This permits instrument operation at all times, particularly during the critical start-up phase. Altronic offers the most comprehensive line of digital instrumentation powered directly from the most comprehensive line of digital instrumentation powered directly from capacitor discharge (CD) ignition systems.
  • Hazardous area design: 
         Non-incendive, non-arcing intrinsically safe instruments are offered for operation in hazardous areas. Innovative design techniques render these instruments safe for use in such areas without the need for or expense associated with explosion proof enclosures or purging systems.
  • Reliability and noise immunity: 
         Often applied in areas exposed to high levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI), and radio-frequency interference (RFI), Altronic instruments are engineered and constructed to offer reliable, accurate service in high noise areas.
  • Corrosion resistance: 
         Corrosion-resistant enclosures and finishes, gasketed seals, stainless-steel hardware, and conformally-coated printed circuit board assemblies insure continued service in harsh operating environments.


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