Hydraulic Engine Starting Systems and Motors

IPU’s hydraulic engine starting solutions provide guaranteed reliability for diesel and gas engines up to 4,880 cubic inches (80 litres). This truly independent starting solution is capable of offering black-start (or dead-ship) capabilities. As a result it can be used as your primary or secondary method of starting an engine. It’s also the ideal choice for emergency generators and for those in hazardous areas with ATEX safety requirements.

Our hydraulic starter motors are robust as they are made from a cast iron construction.

hydraulic engine starting

Our hydraulic engine starting solutions provide guaranteed reliability for diesel and gas engines up to 4,880 cubic inches (80 litres).

hydraulic engine starting

Your hydraulic starting system can even be delivered already installed inside an enclosure.


Unlike battery powered starting systems, IPU’s hydraulic starting solutions can store their energy indefinitely. Even when discharged, the accumulators can be quickly and easily re-charged using a hand pump. Alternatively, our starting systems can be fitted with an electric motor and/or engine driven recharge pumps.

Features & Benefits

IPU’s hydraulic engine starting systems are ideal for critical equipment such as fire pumps, emergency generators and compressors as they do not depend on electrical power.
Hydraulic starter motors were first designed during World War 2. Their purpose was to provide reliable engine starting to the US Navy’s landing craft. The vessels were initially built to use electric starter motors and batteries. But the corrosive nature of salt water combined with long periods of inactivity meant that these electric starter motors and batteries were not 100% reliable. Our team has successfully tested our hydraulic systems in some of the world’s most hazardous conditions.
IPU’s hydraulic starting systems are ideal for use in underground and dusty environments. This is because they are self contained and sealed to protect internal components against damage and airborne contaminants.
ATEX-Approved Starter Motors
If you or your products operate on an offshore platform or in an underground mine ATEX certification means safety. ATEX is a set of regulations designed to ensure the safety of products being used in explosive environments. Because IPU’s starter motors have a cast iron outer casing and can use a pre-engaged starting mechanism our M22 and M28 starter motors are fully compliant with ATEX EN-1834-1 and EN-1834-2.

Additional Information

Simple installation
Depending on your unique needs, IPU can provide hydraulic starting in a number of ways:

Starter motor only: operators can purchase the starter motor with the fittings appropriate to a specific engine.

Complete system: operators can purchase a complete ‘as standard’ system which incorporates the starter motor, accumulator, hand pump, foot valve, hoses and fittings in a ‘ready to go’ unit.

Custom package: IPU’s custom packages enable the starting system to become an integrated part of the engine. By designing a custom package to a specific installation, IPU can provide you with a compact and effective power system.

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